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Get in control of your weight with hypotherapy for weight loss

weight-lossHypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Are you looking for weight loss?  Let hypnotherapy help you with your weight reduction.  If you have the misery of being over weight, you do not need to be told about all the health risks. You know what they are, you have heard them a million times. But still it does not make it any easier. You may have tried every different diet, every fad and still cannot seem to keep the weight off.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you to make the life style changes to suit you, boost your confidence and maintain a steady weight right for you. You will be in control and be able to make good nutritional choices. Because of this you will have more energy, sleep better and generally feel better about yourself. So ditch the fad diets that only work temporarily and start feeling good forever.  I can help you get your mind in the right place, so your body will follow.

Do you have loads of stuff? Are your wardrobes so full that you cannot possibly squeeze another thing in there? We all naturally hold onto things “just in case”. But sometimes this can get out of hand.

Perhaps you find a pair of shoes you like so you end up buying them in all the different colours. You may see your friend has the latest handbag so you must go out and buy it even though you bought yourself a new one last week.

This sort of hoarding was natural during and after the war. Things were rationed and food was precious. So to fill your food cupboards with a stock pile of sugar or butter was understandable. However, it is something people still do today. Have you copied your mother?
We are extremely lucky in this country to have food and supplies readily available, but if you are spending all your wages on clothes, food, going out for meals, ornaments, computer games or the latest fashion then clearly there is a hole in your life that isn’t being fulfilled.

Together we will identify why you overeat and help you get back on track with healthy eating and be the person you want and deserve to be.

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