Inner Child Therapy

Connecting with your inner child

Inner Child TherapyInner Child Therapy – connecting with your inner child

Are you connected to your inner child?

Do you have unresolved childhood issues?

Do you have a fear of abandonment?

Were you never praised as a child?

Maybe things have not worked out as well as they ought to have done.  Maybe you thought your life would be so different from the one you are living right now.

Well the good news is you can change.  You cannot change the past, but the past has made you the strong person you are today.  You can continue to grow and expand and change.  You cannot change other people and you cannot wish they were different or treated you more kindly, but what you can change is your reaction to how you feel.

Together we will connect you with your inner child.  What we are looking for is a combination of the playful child and the free child.  One who can run around the playground and laugh and skip and not worry about what others think.

So many people are connecting now with their inner child.  We now have colouring in books and even adult playgrounds. 

Doing Inner Child Therapy connects you with the inner child in you that has always tried to protect you but its got time frozen.  It may have worked as a child but it’s not working for you as an adult now. 

You may not always have hypnotherapy each session.  With Inner Child Therapy we may complete questionnaires, set homework for you, receive counselling or practice breathe work.

We will not remove your inner child, the therapy means we will connect and find out what the inner child in you needs to be able to heal.   As a child you sometimes cannot make sense of something.  As a grown adult you can rationalise and maybe view the situation in a different light.

If you are or have become a parent you may question your own upbringing.  Perhaps being a parent highlights things that happened to you as a child and you would not want that to happen to your own children.

With Inner Child Therapy we will build up trust and meet the needs of the child.  They will be listened to and this will allow your inner child to grow.  By reconnecting with your inner child you unfreeze your heart.  This mean you will make friends with yourself and you can become a whole person.  Inner Child Therapy helps you connect with your inner child which is positive and life affirming, promoting your health, wellbeing and gives you a strong immunity.




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