Hypnotherapy for managing illness and pain

Soothing you and making you feel in control

illness and pain
What defines illness and pain?

Some people can be in an immense amount of pain and nobody knows.  Others moan about a paper cut to their finger and everyone knows!  This depends on our individual pain threshold.  For some they soldier on no matter what, for others they need to curl up under their duvet.

Sometimes our positivity can depend on others.  If your loved ones are resentful of your illness because it stops you doing what they want you to do then it can make you feel depressed, knowing that you are upsetting the family.  So instead of you saying that you don’t feel so good today you put your feelings aside to please them.

If you can cope with being ill and not have everyone fuss over you, you may feel more relaxed and less anxious.  Or you could be someone who loves the attention you receive.  Maybe the only time your partner shows you any attention is when you are ill or in pain.  So subconsciously you decide to be ill.

I am certainly not trivialising the illness or pain you are suffering, I am pointing out how our complex brain processed it.

Illness and pain can be very debilitating and nobody knows what you are going through because they are not inside your body.

Hypnotherapy can help you cope with illness and pain.  It can reduce your pain and help you be in control of your illness.  The more you focus on anything the more it grows.  By focussing on pain and illness it will only produce more pain and illness for you.  If your life has changed because of illness hypnotherapy can help you with the transition.  By accepting change you can understand and make sense that things will not be the same.  There is something very freeing about this.  It will also help you be more confident in stating what you want well-meaning friends and family to do.  By being more confident you feel more in control of your own body and able to discuss your medical needs with everyone involved.

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