Hypnotherapy for Birth Techniques

Give birth the natural way

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Hypnotherapy for birth techniques

Hypnosis for a wonderfully natural childbirth prepares you so you can have an enjoyable pregnancy.

I enjoy using Hypnobirthing to help you and your birthing companion to trust birth and release all fear and limiting thoughts to enable you to have a natural birth.

You will learn how to call on your body’s own natural epidural which can eliminate the need for medication. This allows your body and your baby to work together in the most natural way possible. Hypnobirthing mothers are totally aware and fully in control as they bring their babies into the world. As a result of this, giving birth is an exciting and pleasurable experience.

This will assist not only you and your birthing companion but also your lovely baby to come into this world calm and relaxed.

All went well and my baby was born on the 14th, three days early. It was a much calmer experience – when I arrived at the hospital the midwife couldn’t believe how relaxed I was considering I was fully dilated!! I think the Hypnobirthing must of helped me a great deal as it kept me focused 🙂 I went in at 7.00am and was back home by 1.30pm!!! Hope your well. Many thanks.  ~ ZD, Fareham Hypnobirthing for second baby

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