Hypnotherapy for overcoming the effects of childhood sexual abuse

Is childhood sexual abuse making you suffer in silence?

Victim of sexual abuseHypnotherapy for overcoming the effects of childhood sexual abuse

Is childhood sexual abuse making you suffer in silence?  Is it affecting you as an adult?  Were you told to keep quiet as a child? The familiar sayings are children should speak only when spoken to. Children should be seen and not heard.

What happened when something happened to you and you really needed to tell someone? Did nobody listen? Or worse still, you told someone what was troubling you and they scoffed at you and told you not to be so stupid and that you are just making it all up.

Maybe, as an adult you still have secrets and find it hard to communicate or to have sex. You may find it hard to give and receive love.  You may have found yourself in dominating relationships where again you are being told to shut up and that you or your opinion doesn’t matter.

Isn’t it about time you draw a line right under your life? How good would it feel to move on from a troubled past of sexual abuse and into a bright new future? Surround yourself with people that you care for and they care about you and value your opinion.

Instead of being quiet about childhood sexual abuse, stand up and say “Whoopee, it feels great to be me!”

I can provide a safe and secure place where you will be listened to empathically and not judged.  A place where you can let go of all the anger and guilt in total confidentiality.  Stop hurting and call me.  Realise this has gone on long enough.  I can help gently guide you to a bright future and let go of the wounded inner child.

Hypnotherapy can help move you from “Survivor” to “Thriver”.

The type of person you wish you were, is who you really are, but haven’t yet learned to be.

Do you have a tree of shame?

The tree does not move but you can.  The tree can shed it’s leaves and learn to bend and sway.  Go with the flow and allow your tree to blossom into a beautiful tree of positivity.

Our shame can choke us, kill us.  It can rot us from the inside if we decide to let it.  Don’t let that happen to you.

The tree of shame, the tree of positivity
I came to Deborah as I felt I’d reached a dead end in my life.  I had experienced serious mental abuse in a cult-like religious organisation growing up and the lack of self-worth and self-doubt had caused me problems throughout my life.

I had suffered anorexia and bulimia, depression and anxiety and more latterly self-harming.  Despite many hours of counselling and support from family and friends, I felt that I always came back to the same basic belief that I was worthless.  Everything bad that occurred, as it does in life, I attributed to my worthlessness and general wickedness.  Try as I might, I couldn’t change my thought pattern.

I was encouraged to seek hypnotherapy and, despite some reservations, I made an appointment and found Deborah comforting, cheerful and felt I’d found a safe place to face my demons.  Since my sessions with Deborah my attitude and opinion of myself has completely changed.  I have left behind the sub-conscious negativity and I have a new ‘default setting’ of self worth and confidence.  I have also left behind resentment and suppressed anger, which has been an enormous relief.  I can’t tell you the difference it has made to my life.  I feel free.  Thank you. Hypnotherapy client for sexual abuse

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