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Imagine a time when you felt at peace

Hypnotherapy Hampshire StressHypnotherapy to help with stress & anxiety

Do you have stress or anxiety?  Imagine a time when you felt at peace. Relaxed. Content. Free of worry. Now imagine that you could feel that way every day. Sounds impossible? It’s not. You can balance your emotions.

Negative emotions such as anger and anxiety can cause panic attacks and weaken the immune system and leave you vunerable to illness. Stress and tension also increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and dozens of other serious conditions. We all suffer from time to time with stress and anxiety. It is part of our make up. If you were not stressed about getting to work on time you could be late. If you were not stressed about your children at school you may feel like you do not care.

A little stress is a good thing. It can make you up your game to win a promotion, give a good presentation at work, or win a race. However, sometimes that stress and anxiety can take over making you feel anxious all the time. You may worry about the “what if’s?” You may even start creating scenarios in your head and then nothing comes of it.

If you feel it is time to put stress back on the right level then hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapy will help reduce your stress and anxiety so you can sleep better, see things more clearly and move forward confidently making plans for the life you want. How good would that feel?

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