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hypnotherapy help with addiction

Hypnotherapy to help overcome your addiction

Are you battling with addiction?  There are times in our lives when the stress or anxiety gets so bad we try to find a way of coping.  There are many things people turn to.  Below is a list of a few addictions.

Hypnotherapy can help in all aspects of your life.  I am a holistic therapist so you will be treated holistically.


Holistic comes from the Greek word for “whole” , so you will be treated as a whole person rather than someone just treating a symptom.  You will be treated individually with the utmost privacy and confidentially in a peaceful, safe place.


You may find you come home after a hard day at work and you have a drink because you feel you deserve it.  Where’s the harm in in having a drink when you get in?  That drink then becomes another with your evening meal and before you know it you have having a bottle a night.


When things are out of our control we have to find a way to control them.  What is troubling you?  Please click here for more details.  OCD

Self harming

All of the above are forms of self harming..  Self harming is normally associated with cutting yourself.


By stopping smoking you increase your life expectancy, be able to breathe easily and therefore enjoy more exercise.  Please click here for more details.   Stop smoking

All of this addictions give you a false high.

Addiction is our way of coping.  Sometimes it becomes a habit.  You may have reached the point where the addiction has become troublesome to you.  Some people find when they start a new relationship they don’t want their partner to know, others realise the addiction just doesn’t help and they want to change.  Others find they quit one addiction and switch to something else.  For instance, they may stop drinking and start smoking, or stop smoking and start vaping.  Hypnotherapy can help you STOP needing a crutch.  It will help you be responsible for the life you want to lead.   Things happen in our lives that we can’t understand and sometimes things happen to us that we feel we really didn’t deserve.  Hypnotherapy gives you the strength to draw a line right under your past and helps you move forward, bravely without fear.  If you feel it’s scary to quit your addiction ask yourself, how scary is it to keep it?

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