Deborah Baxter HypnotherapistI was asked recently in the WI I belong to, to make woollen pom-poms for yarn bombing some trees. We were told to choose the colours of your chosen charity. I did not realise that the mental health charity is green. This is the colour of my website and has been for about the last 9 years.

It matches the colour of my therapy room and so many of clients enter my room for the first time and say how calming and tranquil it is. I chose these colours intuitively.

How many times have you heard the phrase “trust your gut feeling”? Or “follow your heart”? But when you are ill, either mentally or physically you lose that ability to listen to your intuition. Everyone seems to have an opinion of what you should do, what you should try and then you either end up doing nothing or end up practitioner hopping.

The trouble with practitioner hopping is again, everyone is human and thinks their therapy is the best therapy for YOU. Once again, you become confused and you may even find that some therapies counteract other therapies. For instance, you should not have acupuncture at the same time as reflexology. Both of these therapies are using reflex, or pressure points and are tapping into the meridians, which are energy lines that run through our body. Having both therapies could counteract the desired outcome.

By practitioner hopping you are exhausting your funds and you still have unresolved trauma.

STOP! Reconnect with your intuition. It’s hard to do this is when you have brain fog. But the answers to your problems are inside you. The solutions are within you. The spirit within. My tag line is, and always has been for the last 19 years of being a therapist “If you never go within, you go without” Go within. Ask your mind, body, and spirit what do I need?

When you reconnect with your intuition it is like a gift opening up inside you. I am not saying you do not need the help of a practitioner to help you find it, but use your intuition to find the right therapist for you. When you call for the first time, do you feel you like this practitioner? Can you trust them? Do you have faith in them? What does your intuition tell you? We all like recommendations and you may surf the internet looking at testimonials, but these are all personal to the individual. We ask family and friends what should I do? And everyone has a different opinion.

It amazes me the amount of newly pregnant ladies suddenly become depressed instead of being joyous over their pregnancy because their well-meaning friends are telling them of their horrendous pregnancy or worse still, terrible labour. Cut out the negatively, go within. Make your choice. You will know very quickly on whether this is the right therapy for you. Go within, connect with the spirit within, YOUR spirit within. Make the right call.