The only magic that is associated with hypnotherapy is how much better it can make you feel. You see there is stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy. There’s a clue in the name… stage hypnosis is used for entertainment purposes only.

Most people are familiar with seeing people on television made to cluck like chickens, or having their hand stuck to their forehead.  Whilst some may think this is funny it does unfortunately give us clinical hypnotherapists a bad name.

Hypno-therapy is therapy using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state that we fall in and out of all day long. When you drive to and from work every day you may be amazed how sometimes you get into work and don’t even remember the journey. This is because the subconscious part of your brain has taken over. Subconsciously you know the route and so you are driving on “autopilot”. But if a deer or a child ran out in front of you would snap straight back into your conscious mind and act appropriately.

If you have ever had counselling you are using the conscious part of your brain to talk consciously to your counsellor. We would have only used 5% of your brain. Most of what we do on a daily basis is subconscious. Using hypnotherapy is taping into the 95% of your brain which is your subconscious brain to help you resolve your problems. Sometimes you don’t even know why you do what you do because it’s your subconscious holding you back.

Even when you are hypnotised I cannot make you do or say anything you do not want to. There is no magic involved; just guiding you to a lovely relaxed state to access your subconscious thoughts and help utilise helpful thoughts and actions.

There is no magic involved just therapy giving you the courage to face your fears.  It can help you overcome stress and anxiety and be empowered to do what you want to do with your life.  Find out how hypnotherapy can improve your health and wellbeing.