What is different?  What is normal?  Do you struggle to be who you really want to be?

I recently had a client whose father wanted to beat the gay out of him.  I had another client who did not like being gay as he did not want to be different.

Hypnotherapy can help you step into your persona, whether you are gay, straight or transgender and be whoever you want to be.  Nobody, including your parents and partners have the right to make you change into someone you do not feel comfortable with.  Accept your gender and be comfortable in your skin.

You may have spent years wondering who you “should” be and maybe you have been living this fantasy world.  It is a fantasy world because you are not true to yourself.

It can feel very lonely but the important thing is to surround yourself with positive people that like you, for who you are.

It’s time to step up, stop hiding and say “This is me!”  Take it or leave it.

My first client I mentioned wrote this:

 “I finally realised the most important lesson from this whole journey is that I like me, and who I am.

Such a short statement, but truly how many people can say it?  I’m honoured that you have helped me into this club.”

What a beautiful statement.

Hypnotherapy will give you confidence and a bring it on attitude.  We will help you accept your past.  It makes you who you are.  We do not dwell on it.  We deal with the negative attitudes you have had to encounter and move on boldly into a great future.  How good will that feel? 

Hypnotherapy will help you make peace with your decisions, focus on the positive things in your life and above all be confident and happy to say “This is me!”