Feeling depressed?  Nervous?  Do you live for the weekend?  Do you find yourself wishing your life away?  Maybe you start dreading Monday morning on Saturday night.  If you find yourself in a job that you dislike you may not even realise how this has slowly chipped away at you dragging you down.

You may be fully competent at your job but have a boss that constantly undermines your work.  This puts you on edge and then you start making mistakes.  This can then spiral out of control making you feel depressed and paranoid and you start to make even more mistakes.

Your work life and personal life should run parallel with each other, running smoothly.  If your work life is suffering you may take your work home with you, take it out on your partner or the children, therefore upsetting them and making your home life as equally as difficult as your work life.

Maybe things are not so good at home and you take your problems to work with you.

If your weekend tipple has started becoming a weekday habit your sleep will be disturbed and this will make you feel depressed and groggy in the morning before you even start work.  Constantly booking holidays to get away from it all is not the answer either.  Two weeks in the sun may relax you but you will still have the problems when you return.

When you feel low and fed up the last thing you can think about is motivating yourself to refresh your CV and get out there and find another job.  Who would want to employ you when you feel like this?

Hypnotherapy can help you find your sparkle and put the fire back in your belly to do a great job and know that you have the confidence to deliver.  It may be time to move on and start a new adventure and that’s ok too.  Retraining in a completely different direction may be an option.  Hypnotherapy will motivate you, inspire you and give you back your confidence to really go for it and get your zest back in all aspects of your life.