Are you confident?  Are you a pleaser? Going around making sure everyone is happy and not giving a thought to yourself. This may make you feel good at the time but when the chips are down and you are feeling low who is there watching your back?

You may turn around and find nobody is listening and get the feeling that nobody cares about how you are feeling and this can leave you feel hurt and resentful. After all you have done for them they are ungrateful.

Then the barriers come up. You start protecting yourself. By keeping barriers up sometimes they become a habit. You remain tough and perhaps sometimes aggressive. If you don’t let anyone close to you then they cannot hurt you. But by doing this the trust starts to disappear. Then who can you trust?

Is all about being selective. If you are a pleaser there are people that take advantage of your good nature. They would not dream of treating another one of their friends like it, so why do they do it to you?

I always say surround yourself with positive people. We cannot choose our family. However if they are negative and drag you down, see them less frequently. You cannot choose your work colleagues. If you can change your job then do so. But it’s not always that simple. You can choose to be affected by their negatively or not. Although it may feel like it at times they are not inside your head giving you negative thoughts and feelings, YOU ARE. We can choose our friends. For some, our friends are the most important people in our lives. They are our confidant, our rock, our soul mate. They know what makes us tick. They boost your confidence.  They cry with us, laugh with us and support us even when we make bad decisions.

So next time you are feeling low and asking yourself where is my support, look at who comes to your aid. Who boosts your confidence and makes you feel great about yourself.  Nurture those people that do. They are the people that care and matter in your life. Those that don’t, it’s time to let them go and drag someone else down.

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