Are you constantly sick?  Are you sick of being bullied?  Bullying in the workplace can undermine you and affect your work.  You may eventually feel that you are not good enough to do the job you were employed to do.  You may then become the victim feeling as though everyone is out to get you.

Your life should run parallel.  Happy work life, happy home life.  Happy home life, happy work life.  But if in one of these areas you are being bullied it will have a knock-on effect and start affecting the other areas of your life.

The answer is simple.  Leave your job.  Leave your partner.  But it isn’t that easy is it?  The bills need to be paid.  You love them.

In work, bullying normally comes down to one person.  Even though departments and huddles of people may get together and agree with them.  Especially if it’s a boss that’s doing the bullying.  They would rather you be bullied than them so they join in.

You may have heard of “gaslighting”.  Gaslighting is where a partner is so manipulative you start to believe you are unworthy, stupid and useless.

What happens with gaslighting is the manipulator drip feeds this information to you and it can happen quite subtly, even over years and you don’t even know it’s happening.

An example would be you are getting ready to go out on the very rare occasion on friends night out and just before you walk out the door your partner says you look a mess.  You have a row and go out.  Your evening is ruined.

Bullying in any form reduces your self esteem and confidence.  It makes you question your actions.  When you have no outlet for the anger and frustration you feel it can make you physically sick.

What happened when you were a child?  You couldn’t call a taxi and leave bullying parents.  What happened when you were bullied at school?  You couldn’t leave and say I’m not going back.

Hypnotherapy clears the bullying from your past and present.  It boosts your confidence and makes you realise it’s them and not you that has issues.  People that bully are usually full of fear.  Free of bullying you will feel empowered and inspired to make decisions that will help you grow and make you realise that you are a capable positive thinking person.  Capable of being loved and loved back.  Capable of doing a great job and getting the recognition for it.  Capable of just being YOU and knowing that is good enough.  Because when you step into just being you and stop being the person that others want you to be you will feel free of the things that have held you back and you can move forward fearlessly.

If you would like to rid yourself of your bullies and boost your confidence then please call me today.